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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Door Lock Repairs 

UPVC Door LocksThe door lockset consists of several components with the main ones being the cylinder and the locking mechanism. The performance of the cylinder depends on its age, use and fitting. When it doesn’t take the key or when the key is impossible to turn, this is a clear sign of failure. The best fix is to replace the cylinder. The new one must meet the latest British Standards for UPVC door locks. It has to have anti-snapping design and a component that prevents picking. One of the bolts or hooks of the locking mechanism might be jammed. 

With the right repair technique, the lock will operate smoothly once again. If the mechanism is broken or greatly worn, it should be replaced. The new multipoint mechanism should have strong bolts which go at least two centimetres into the door frame upon locking. 

Adjusting UPVC Door 

When it’s difficult to close the door or the lock doesn’t work smoothly, the door and frame may be misaligned. It is easy to confirm this by looking at the mires in the upper left corner. If they don’t make a straight line, it’s necessary to align the door. Usually, adjusting the hinges will solve the problem. However, if they are damaged, worn or broken, they should be replaced. If it is misaligned because of worn and detached weather seals, changing them will bring things back to normal. When the door and frame are in poor condition and this makes closing and locking difficult, full repair will be needed. 

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