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How to Change the Lock Cylinder

How to Change the Lock Cylinder
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Lock change does not necessarily include the replacement of the handles, levers or the trim of the door. If you have spent a quite large amount of money for such products, you don't have to get new ones if the door locks face problems. When the lock is damaged, only the lock is changed. This way, customers save money and the job will be easier. You just have to make sure the right size security lock is bought in order to fit perfectly with the door. Dead bolts have cylinders and a peculiar mechanism with springs and pins, which allow easy key insertion. When these components are ruined, remove them and install new ones.

When the key is inserted in your high security locks, the springs of the cylinder are compressed and the pins move at a certain distance and in accordance with the serrated parts of the key. This is how average locking systems work. Once the key is all the way in, it can be turned to either lock or unlock the door. If some of the components at the internal mechanism are damaged, the door won't open or get locked. The key won't turn, won't be easily removed or it turns along the cylinder if the latter is loose or broken. Loose cylinders can be tightened but broken ones need replacement.

Learn how lock mechanisms are changed

How to Change the Lock CylinderThere are certainly some differences among brands and models. Though most cylinders are similar and so finding the perfect match for your own door is not a problem. The main idea is to remove the existing mechanism in order to install new locks. The process is not always easy and that's why getting assistance from Locksmith West London is of the essence. After all, you need to be sure that the task is completed properly since it is related to personal security.

If you want to remove the mechanism, the knob or handle must be removed first. Then, remove the interior plate, which covers the mechanism. Save the screws for later and also check they are in good condition or have them replaced as well. The next step is to unscrew the spindle by turning the screwdriver counter clockwise. The spindle is a small rod, which actually connects the two handles of deadlocks together. Its two ends are inserted in the hole of each of the handles. Spindles have a rectangular shape so they can turn the lock mechanism when the handle is moved. By turning the spindle, the lock will be free to be removed. The spring loaded tab must be help pushed up so that the mechanism can pop out.

The new mechanism must be put back in a similar way the old was removed. You just have to follow the reverse steps. When the task is done, confirm the bolt is coming out alright and all the way and is inserted in the strike plate. The lock should be tested with the use of the key to be certain of its security.

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